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The installation is a combination of two projects in order to create an image of a global system that is blinded by consumption, even in a place as pristine as Nepal.
EU.PNEA is a work regarding the air pollution by a multinational corporation (Carlsberg) in Nepal. Situated at the heart of a small farming village, the brewery has put the local community and the natural environment at great risk. In protest, I present a visual study based on a air pollution sample collected on a blank sheet of paper within a period of 28 days.
As for IN VISIBLE, I use braille and blur on the images to bridge the gap between the visually impaired and sighted to raise perceptual awareness. While the blur limits visual interpretation, the braille gives a tactile expression to the images. Similarly there is a blur in the text since the braille breaks on black ink, giving a tactile description of the image through reference of color for the visually impaired. The texts in braille are words used in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Born 1982, Spain.
Lives and works in Spain.