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Tales of Lipstick and Virtue deals with the crossroads of gender, class, ethnicity and their interconnection to self representation as well as post-colonialism, authenticity and pseudo luxury.
My work consists of portraits in Albania and figurative fake-stills of brand imitations and counterfeit luxury out of the studio. Using methods of documentary, fashion and advertising photography, I am blurring the thin line between original and bootleg, truth and  fiction, genuine and counterfeit.The question if, especially in the post-communistic context of Albania, visual and sexual self-determination as well as femininity are empowering young women globally, is playing a key role. Intersections of class and aesthetics and their (non)euro-centric backgrounds are examined with a playful use of saccharine colour, stylization and humour. Since we are all products of a multi-faceted mesh of influences, what is it that makes us and the objects we are related to authentic?

Born 1993, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany.
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.