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My photographic practice celebrates the anachronistic. I embrace the prioritisation of process and break from the conventions of contemporary production, thus challenging the inevitable advance of digital imaging. My production method is physical; manifestation of the latent image is unpredictable and the final print embraces deterioration, a reiteration of time passed, vulnerability and acknowledgement to the fragility of existence. Working with 5x4 instant film reiterates the preciousness of each capture; made even more so because at the time of shooting my choice of stock (FP-100c45) was threatened with discontinuation. The Papeteries Étienne as location for the BYOPaper project adds another dimension to my established themes of nostalgia and association with what is passed. It prompts consideration of the paper industry, its rich history, technological innovation and that which is, has been, or continues to be threatened or made obsolete.

Born 1966, London, UK.
Lives and works in London, UK.