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This work points to how we experience the world of photography and how art identity is modeled by evolving around iconic references. It is also speaking of photo- graphic ability to lie, mask, and intrigue.

With all virtual index of references that we carry in and all samples from well-known photographic work, I start to perform for photography (in front of gallery wall featuring proven photography art as a background).

Fake Photography has affinities with a tradition of artists performing to create fictions. I was creating art from exist- ing material, but these photographs just look like copies, complicating the cycle of representation in which they are enmeshed. In a world where nobody knows what is real and what is fake, the series confounds viewers, leaving them unsure of what is artificial and what is real.

Born 1965, Belgrad, Serbia.
Lives and works in Belgrad.

Coup de coeur Fisheye