The Rencontres d'Arles is registered with the prefecture as a training provider and obtained the Datadock certificate in 2018 and the Qualiopi label in March 2022. The quality certification was issued for training actions.

The photography courses are held in the framework of continuous professional training and can be taken as an individual (self-financing) or, soon, through the intermediary of a third party (a financial institution, companies, etc.). Whether you’re an employee, author, intermittent worker in the performing arts, freelancer or jobseeker, you can receive financial aid under certain conditions.

Contact us to obtain the information and documents required for processing your application:

Your application for 2022 will be validated once the Rencontres d'Arles receives the Qualiopy label.

AUTHORS/INTERMITTENT performing arts workers
Authors and people with the status of intermittent performing arts workers can receive financial aid. AFDAS is the approved training insurance fund that manages the professional training of the performing arts, audiovisual, motion picture, advertising and leisure industries. After contacting us you will receive an application that we will help you fill out.

Freelancers, professionals and self-employed contractors can receive financial aid for courses to maintain or perfect their skills, prepare them to become established in the field and promote their work. Contractors can contact the FAFCEA. To know your rights and financing possibilities, contact URSAFF: WWW.URSSAF.FR

Various schemes allow employees to train. You can find information from your HRD or training manager or by calling the toll-free number 0 800 600 007 of the CARIF. This public organization's mission is to inform employees about theirs right and financing of training throughout their lives. Employees of companies in the performing arts, entertainment, film, audiovisual, radio, television and advertising sectors can also contact AFDAS for information.

Several schemes help job-seekers to train. Depending on your profile and age, contact Pôle Emploi for more information:
Several local authorities also support training for job-seekers. Contact the general and regional councils in your area.

Your social worker can help you apply for funding from the Departmental Council's Insertion Department on which you depend.

Students cannot apply for continuing education funds. They can take courses as a private individual but must pay for it themselves.

Disabled workers can receive financial aid under certain conditions. Contact the AGEFIPH for details. Before registering, please ask us for an estimate and a description of one of our courses at:

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