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Thomas Hauser


2 July - 23 September 2018

10.00 AM - 07.30 PM

8 euros


UN-SPACED, Paris, France

The Wake of Dust is a new work by Thomas Hauser involving photography, installation and sculpture. It is a work of simultaneous burying and unearthing, guided by resurgences of reinvented memory, ever rebuilt, archeological. The title is especially evocative: we might be attending an “awakening of dust”, in the wake of its own active memory, beyond disappearance. We are presented with a series of large-scale photographs that physically engage the viewer, confronting him with concealed faces and bodies protecting themselves from a too brilliant sun. It’s a sun that makes an impression, in the photographic sense of the term.
Léa Bismuth

Exhibition curator: Léa Bismuth.
Publication: The Wake of Dust, self‑publication, 2015.
Prints by Atelier Arcay, Paris.
Framing by Circad, Paris.

With support from Circad.