05 - 09 August


The image as poetry of space and the body

05 - 09 August
5 jours / 35H

Individual financing rate: 790 euros

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Fabrice Courthial & Marie Couteux 
+33(0)490 967 606

To think of the image as poetry is to escape from reality to reconstruct one's own story, it is to use one's gaze, one's sensitivity, one's singularity to tell what touches us, intrigues us, challenges us, surpasses us...

The challenge of these five days will be to develop a photographic writing that is specific to us and to question through a personal realization the link to the body and to space, in substance and in form.

Lived as an experience, the process will reveal in each and everyone their poetic relationship to the world. A rich step, necessary to succeed in weaving a story that is both sensitive and constructed.

The framing, the compositions, the light, the colors will be all elements that Laura Bonnefous will take the time to analyze individually and collectively in order to reveal the singular and poetic photographic writing of each participant.

To feel and question what surrounds us, walls, light, architecture, emptiness, nature, interstices, silhouettes, a posture, others, a look, a story.

Looking through a new prism, giving yourself the time to contemplate, question yourself, decipher, feel, then deconstruct, rethink and capture in your own way will be the objectives of the moments devoted to shooting.

Moments that will alternate with editing sessions, to give substance to a whole, to superimpose, to assemble, to take a step back as if we were composing a painting.

The sincere and caring support of Laura Bonnefous will be both theoretical and technical. As the days go by, it is the conceptual and formal aspects that will be clarified. Depending on the experiences specific to each person, technical advice (framing / light / lighting / post production / editing) will allow you to make choices, open up perspectives and refine your own photographic language.

The techniques, the distance, the aesthetic possibilities will be very open and will lead to precious exchanges. The crossing of points of view within the group will reveal the multiple interpretations of the notions of body and space.

Little by little, selection after selection, a series will take shape, allowing the group to clarify its vision, the rhythm, the articulation and the correspondences between the images.

A time will then be devoted to the way of presenting the works realized, in the form of an exhibition or a small edition. This last phase will allow to approach the question of the presentation of a series as well as the story that is told.

Laura Bonnefous is a photographer, she lives and works in Paris.
Through a plastic image emphasizing the spaces she encounters and those she recreates, it is a certain poetry of reality that she proposes to us.
Inspired by the relationship that Man has with our contemporary landscape and captivated by the mutations experienced by our society, she deciphers and studies our mythologies to propose a sensitive vision.

It is at the Beaux Arts de Paris, at the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles and at the École des Gobelins that she develops her practice between image and volume.

In 2021, she participates in the Festival de Saint Brieuc and produces her first book of her series Failles with Editions H2L2. In 2022, she realized her second book Kilamba which was released during the Rencontres d'Arles 2022 with Editions Louis Vuitton.

She is one of the 30 Under 30 Womens Photographers in 2015 and won various awards such as the Bourse du talent, the Prix Picto, the Prix des Directeurs de création and is a finalist for awards such as the Académie des Beaux Arts or the BMW residence.

Her website:  www.laurabonnefous.com

- Understand the different steps in the creation of a photographic series: taking pictures
- Finalize a "coherent" set of digital photographs on a personal theme: printing and showing of the photographic series during the end-of-training exhibition.

- Daily shooting
- Editing session on computer and/or reading prints
- Study and analysis on the photographs taken
- Daily reflexions and discussions to define the characteristics of a personal approach
- Analysis of the different central stages of a photographic production
- Final editing session to achieve a homogeneous series 
- Finalization of a series on digital file, printed and exhibited

Anyone wishing to develop their photographic practice. Amateur or professional photographers. People working or studying in the field of image, communication, journalism, architecture... Professional photographers wishing to explore a new field, a new technique.

See the price list according to the duration and type of financing. Request an estimate

- A selection of around 30 images attesting to your practice (preferably on paper/format of your choice)
- Your camera, charger and cables
- 2 or 3 memory cards
- A Mac-compatible hard drive or your computer if you wish

- Face-to-face course
- Location: historic center near the arena
- Mobility: staircase to access the building and several rooms (contact us)
- Number of participants: 8 to 12
- Starts 10am on the first day
- Ends 7pm on the last day, followed by a presentation of the work until 9pm
- Times on the other days: 9:30am-12:30pm and 2:00pm-6:00pm
- Participants can bring their own lunch and eat it on site during the afternoon break.

Basic knowledge of computers and digital cameras is recommended.
No selection. Following the reception of the registration and self-positioning form, a telephone interview or exchange of messages may be carried out. Validation after a 14-day withdrawal period.

After receiving the registration and self-positioning form, a telephone interview or exchange of messages may be carried out. Registration is definitively validated after acceptance of the training contract and receipt of the 30% deposit after a 14-day withdrawal period.

- Supervision by a professional trainer / photographer (accompanied by an assistant from 9 participants)
- The trainer reads the registration and self-positioning form beforehand in order to adapt the process and the means to the objectives.

- Mac computers
- Contact prints (6x4 in.)
- Studios with various accessories
- Lightening set up (Flashs, LED, Fresnel…)
- Digital camera (on demand)
- A photo library (app. 500 references)

- Private end-of-course interview and evaluation
- The instructor continuously evaluates the personal series
- Oral end-of-course evaluation
- End-of-course certificate

Whether you are recognized as having a disability or not, we are at your disposal for any information, and will do our utmost to support you, adapt the content, the media, the pace and facilitate your welcome.
For any further information, please contact Mr. Fabrice Courthial at

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