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Closed on 22 September
For the 50th anniversary of the festival, the Luma Foundation, The Rencontres d'Arles and Tate Modern are co-producing an exhibition of seminal photobooks from Martin Parr's which were recently acquired by the Tate, with support from the Luma Foundation and which will form part of the Living Archive Program at the Luma Foundation. This exhibition will bring together photobooks selected collaboratively by the photographer, Luma and Tate Modern. The last 50 years will be represented by one significant book from each year (1970 - 2018). The selection brings together the personal perspective of Martin Parr and each of the collaborators as well as reflecting the festival's multidisciplinary vision of photography, which represents the medium in all its diversity. The exhibition is a testament to the importance of the photobook worldwide giving each of the photobooks the tribute they deserve.

Exhibition curators: Matthieu Humery, Sarah Allen, Yasufumi Nakamori.
Exhibition coproduced by the Luma Foundation, Tate Modern and the Rencontres d’Arles.
Wallpaper by Atelier SHL.

Purchased with funds generously provided by the Luma Foundation and with the assistance of Tate Members, Art Fund, Tate Americas Foundation, Tate Photography Acquisitions Committee, Tate Latin American Acquisitions Committee, Tate Asia Pacific Acquisitions Committee, Tate Russia and Eastern Europe Acquisitions Committee and Tate Middle East and North Africa Acquisitions Committee and partial gift from Martin Parr 2017.