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The Anonymous Project is proud to present The House. Moments and memories once lost in time brought back to life to illustrate the importance of the home in our daily lives. When filmmaker Lee Shulman bought a random box of vintage slides he fell completely in love with the people and stories he discovered in these unique windows in to our past lives, The Anonymous Project was born. Collecting and preserving unique colour slides from the last 70 years, the project was born out of a desire to preserve this collective memory and give a second life to the people often forgotten in these timeless moments captured in stunning Kodachrome colour. These amateur photographs are a kaleidoscopic diary of that era, all the more fascinating and arresting because of their unpolished quality. Often funny, surprising and touching these images tell the stories of all our lives.

Exhibition curators: Emmanuelle Halkin and Lee Shulman.
Publication: The Anonymous Project, The House, Éditions Textuel, 2019.
Prints by Picto, Paris.

With support from the Picto Foundation.
See the extension of The House exhibition by The Anonymous Project at the Paris Gare de Lyon TGV station, with support from SNCF Gares & Connexions.