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Closed on 25 August
El-Zohra Wasn’t Born in a Day plunges into the archeological artifacts of the Middle East, the writings of ancient Muslim chroniclers, the Koran, classical Arab literature and the vast area of pre-Islamic poetry to unearth Arabia’s hidden mythological tales. Exhuming these myths makes symbolic, religious and political constructions visible, challenging the dominant narrative that shapes identities and cultures. The works in this show are dioramas, each telling a forgotten, erased pre-Islamic myth. By using dioramas—which means “to see through”— Randa Mirza questions the forms of representation and exhibition of aniconic narratives. In the same movement, she continues an interest in viewing devices already seen in previous photographic installations. Randa Mirza exhibited in 2006 at the Rencontres d'Arles where she was selected for the No Limit prize.

Exhibition produced in collaboration with Tanit gallery and AFAC (Arab Fund for Art and Culture).
Lighting design and technical direction: Riccardo Clementi.
Sculptures: Éric Deniaux.