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Cristina de Middel & Bruno Morais


The History of America has been and will be forever linked to the History of Africa. The African drive in Latin America is visible and strongly alive across the whole continent. Historically many processes tried to silence its voice, dilute its soul and whiten its skin, but the African presence remains undeniable and its influence beating and hiding behind any cultural manifestation in the region. With Midnight at the Crossroads, Cristina De Middel and Bruno Morais take us to the universe of Èsù, the dynamic force that rules all movement in life. Acting as the sole messenger between gods and humans, Èsù is the first one to be invoked in all ceremonies, he is the guardian of the alleys, the crossroads and the markets. This journey will guide us to the deep roots of African spirituality through four strategic shores: Benin, Cuba, Brazil and Haiti.

Exhibition curator: Claudi Carreras Guillén.
Prints by Kamera Pro S.L.
Mounting by Atelier Deuxième OEil, Paris.

The exhibition "3D immersive tour" has been created by Notoryou.