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Jane Evelyn Atwood & Joan Colom


Twenty years apart, Jane Evelyn Atwood and Joan Colom captured the urban pulse of two legendary but shady parts of Paris and Barcelona. Pigalle in the late 1970s and the Barrio Chino in the 1990s‑2000s were the beating hearts of those European cities, centers of prostitution but also tourist destinations. The two photographers roamed the streets, telling their stories as the daily theater of working-class and vagabond humanity on the brink of extinction. Between open wounds and moments of grace, they place the human at the heart of cities.

Exhibition curator: Sam Stourdzé.
Exhibition in partnership with Fundación Foto Colectania, Barcelona, which loaned Joan Colom’s works.
Publication: Jane Evelyn Atwood, Pigalle People, 1978 - 1979, Le Bec en l'air, 2018.
Framing by Circad, Paris.