Edition 2022



Dress Code brings together around forty artists offering unique views of identity and clothing around the world, from New York drag queens to twins in Nigeria, voodoo rituals in Benin and Togo, zapotec women in Mexico along with more personal photographic investigations. Clothes can arouse desire by sublimating the human body, reveal codes and norms, and be a vector of emancipation or claim. From rites to gender markers, some twenty exhibitions question the relationship between apparel and identity on the individual and collective level. Dress Code is complemented by Sein und Schein (being and appearing), a show proposed by Fotohaus, and Fragiles, a choral project by Tendance Floue inhabited by the tremors rocking our times. 

Liza AMBROSSIO (1993), Michela BENAGLIA (1980), Delphine BLAST (1981), Robin BLOCK DE FRIBERG (1995), Manon BOYER (1993), Elina BROTHERUS (1972), Daniel CASTRO GARCÍA (1985), Bruno CATTANI (1964), Antonio D’AMBROSSIO (1955), Sanne DE WILDE (1987), Alexandre DUPEYRON (1983), Amin EL DIB (1961), Benoît FERON (1962), Jeanne FRANK (1984), HSU Ching-Yuan (1956), Sara IMLOUL (1986), Phumzile KHANYILE (1991), Bénédicte KURZEN (1980), Lawrence LEMAOANA (1982), Lila NEUTRE (1989), Frédéric NOY (1965), Mathieu RICHER MAMOUSSE (1989), Torsten SCHUMANN (1975), Laurent LABORIE, fiVe collective, Tendance Floue, Ukrainian artists in residency.

Artistic direction: Florent BASILETTI.

Exhibition curators: Marc BARBEY, Anne-Marie BECKMANN, Christel BOGET, François DELVOYE, Émilie DEMON, Agathe KALFAS, Klaus KEHRER, Chiara RUBERTI, Enrico STEFANELLI, Yi-Hua WU.

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    • Le Centre des monuments nationaux est heureux de soutenir les Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles en accueillant des expositions dans l’abbaye de Montmajour
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