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Deanna Pizzitelli

Artist presented by
Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Koža, Women & Other Stories 

Koža, Women & Other Stories is a set of interwoven narratives that explore connection, uncertainty and desire.

This work began when I moved to Slovakia in 2015 and is a poetic expression of my travels in the last five years. In it, I document the unfolding narrative of my experience, disjointed and retold into a story of companionship and isolation. During this time, I also connected with the Archive of Modern Conflict, photographing objects in their collection. These photographs move the project beyond the limitations of my own experience: relics of a broader world. 

Koža, Women & Other Stories is a kind of photographic unrest. Thriving on change, it references the artist, but belongs to no one in particular. Contemporary in both its chaos and visual diversity, it is part archive, part travelogue, part fact, and part fiction. It questions the veracity of the photograph, the biography and the archive in general. It uses analogue technology to celebrate the experimental darkroom. Collapsing multiple bodies, timeframes and geographies, this work is a metaphor for the changeability and instability of human experience. In Slovak, koža means skin.

Born 1987 in Toronto, Canada.
Lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Deanna Pizzitelli is a recipient of the 2018 Scotiabank New Generation Photography Award. This culminated in an exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada, and the OCADu Onsite Gallery, as part of Toronto’s CONTACT Photography Festival. Her work is in the collections of the Archive of Modern Conflict (UK) and the Center for Creative Photography (US). She has completed residencies in Canada, Iceland, Portugal and Finland, and is represented by Stephen Bulger Gallery (CA).

Exhibition curator: Stephen Bulger.
With support from the Canada Council for the Arts.