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as part of the Louis Roederer Discovery Award



Closed on 29 August
It all starts with a tree that falls beneath the artist’s window one night. This event, and a vivid memory of summer vacations spent with his parents on the island of Imbros, lead the artist to tell us the story of his own experience of up-rooting. Turkish, educated at the German High School of Istanbul, as a young student Safoğlu goes into exile in Berlin. Safoğlu’s education at the German High School, which his parents hoped would prepare him for a better life, only makes him feel torn between two cultures—two countries. This intimate tale of reconciliation with his family and with himself is based on Safoğlu’s personal archive of photographs—a favorite material the artist, whose work frequently involves the manipulation of existing images, the palimpsest, a process of association with storytelling, and the voice. Here, the photographs seem to have been fed through a shredder and then loosely pieced together again. They roll by the viewer as if on a conveyor belt, evoking a road to be traveled in rhythm to the steps of the artist, which thus accompany the unfurling of the narrative.