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1 July - 22 September

10H00 - 19H30


Laure Tiberghien’s work, which follows a thread of experimentation leading back to the origins of photography, is not in any way based on a fascination with technology. An image obtained without a camera, by combining chemicals, light and time, reveals the material world, here shedding light on the epidermis of things—not their visible skin but their perceptible surface. Laure Tiberghien’s images capture the visible world’s transformations, helping us to understand movement and change. Each of her pieces is a skillful composition where the colors are tested, arranged and laid out as though on a palette in order to achieve the desired relationships between them. All these processes, which necessarily lead to one-off pieces, require hours of darkroom work, the use of filters and devices that have nothing mechanical about them and allow a controlled image to be obtained while sometimes leaving room for accident and chance.
Gilles A. Tiberghien