Edition 2018

Musée Réattu

Véronique Ellena

Alfred Latour

Véronique Ellena

A passionate witness to daily life, of which she reveals the spirituality and magnifies the ritual dimension through her series; a photographer of simple things, on which she confers beauty and nobility in her delicately staged portraits, landscapes, and still lifes; Véronique Ellena is a singular artist, whose oeuvre the Musée Réattu is offering to the public in all its richness. This first institutional retrospective invites us to plunge deep into thirty years of creation, punctuated with emblematic series developed through public commissions (Les Grands Moments de la vie, Le Plus Bel Âge, Le Havre) and studded with artist residencies that produced major groups like Les Classiques Cyclistes and Les Natures mortes at the Villa Médicis.
30 June - 30 December 2018.

Exhibition curator: Andy-William Neyrotti et Véronique Ellena, in collaboration with Guillaume Schneider.
Exhibition produced by the city of Arles.
Publication: Véronique Ellena. Rétrospective, Silvana, 2018.

Alfred Latour

Alfred Latour was a painter, engraver, draftsman, designer, illustrator, and photographer. The most striking element in Latour’s photographs is the rigor of their framing. He approached construction as an engraver and architect, often highlighting his subject by a structuring element in the image itself. He used photography to fulfill a reporting assignment or to capture the landscapes he wanted to paint or draw. He did not exhibit his photography; he stored it in boxes, discovered only in 2016. We find even in his last pictures, taken in his village of Eygalières, a striking work of sociological testimony, in which lived experience always takes precedence over the extraordinary.
29 March - 30 September 2018.

Exhibtion curators: Werner Jeker, Daniel Rouvier and Pierre Starobinski.
Publication : Alfred Latour photographies. Cadrer son temps, Actes Sud, 2018.

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