BMW Art Makers 2022: the winners

A jury has unanimously named artist Arash Hanaei and curator Morad Montazami BMW Art Makers for their project "Post-Urban Hantology".

Post-Urban Hantology asks us to rethink our relationship with 1960s and ‘70s utopian architecture and the suburban ecosystem in which it was built. The project will evoke digital culture crossed by architectural ghosts whose socio-political ideal remains in a dream state but persists through its materiality. The focus is on two parallel worlds: the suburbs on the urban periphery and the virtual world created by big data.

BMW Art Makers is a new visual art sponsorship program that brings together and supports an emerging visual artist and a curator who apply together. It is the first program on this scale to support an artist-curator team.

Hanaei and Montazami began working in January and will be presented at the Rencontres d'Arles in July and Paris Photo in November.

BMW Group France is awarding the artist a €10,000 grant, the curator an €8,000 grant and the project a €15,000 research and production budget.

The jury members are BMW Group France communications director Maryse Bataillard; Paris Photo director Florence Bourgeois; Hervé Digne, president of Manifesto; Chantal Nedjib, founder of l’image par l’image; Rencontres d’Arles director Christoph Wiesner; exhibition curator and art critic Léa Bismuth; Nathalie Mamane-Cohen, vice-president of Les amis du Centre Pompidou; and gallerist Jérôme Poggi.
Posted on 02.02.2022
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