Louie Media x Rencontres d'Arles

Louie Media has created five special episodes within the Fracas, Travail (en cours) and Émotions podcasts, giving a voice to several photographers exhibited at the Rencontres d'Arles.

Photographing to tell the time - with Sabine Weiss

In this episode, Sabine Weiss tells the story of her career as a photographer, which follows the path of the 20th century. Contemporary of Robert Doisneau and Willy Ronis, assimilated to this humanist photo trend, we find in her pictures the Paris of the 50's, street kids, tramps and rearing horses. But she has also done fashion and celebrity photography, captured the faces of Giacometti and Miro, and traveled the world from Egypt to the United States. She explains how it all began, in Switzerland, in her native country, comments on some of her photos and evokes why, today, she doesn't take any more.

Getting closer thanks to the image - with Clarisse Hahn

In this interview, Clarisse Hahn talks about her work and the way in which the image allows for a dialogue. Les Princes de la rue is part of Boyzone, "a long-term work in which Clarisse Hahn observes these situations where," writes photo historian Michel Poivert, "men's bodies choreograph their relationship to public space as well as to their intimacy. Bodies, looks: Clarisse Hahn's films and photographs devoted to communities and rituals go beyond the consent of the Other to be looked at. They show how the social being can make the gaze that is cast on him a means of expression: to be seen without being tricked.

Finding our visual grammar - with Stéphan Gladieu

Stephan Gladieu exhibits a series on North Korea, on which he asked himself: how come it never wavered while so many other authoritarian regimes broke up? So he obtained from the authorities the right to photograph the citizens, and captures rare images by playing with the codes of propaganda. How do we find his photographic language? His way of telling stories through images? He confides in us about his career as a reporter, his path towards a less journalistic work and the way he found his visual grammar.

Working with loved ones: mission impossible or blessing?

In this new episode of Travail (en cours), journalist Pauline Josse asks how people who work with their loved ones do it. To do this, she delved into the world of artists, where the interpenetration between professional and personal life is often an essential source of inspiration. She interviewed two artist couples who work together on a daily basis: Smith and Nadège Piton, as well as the duo Chow and Lin. 

Why looking at a artwork doesn't give us all the same emotion?

To look at a work of art: for a long time, intensely or even insensitively. What can we get from looking at a work of art? What emotions can spring from and within us? And to what is this due? In this episode of Emotions, journalist Marie Salah meets photographers Marie Tomanova and Massao Mascaro. Both are exhibiting their work at the Rencontres d'Arles, as part of the Louis Roederer Discovery Award: Sub Sole for Massao Mascaro and It was once my universe for Marie Tomanova.
Posted on 03.08.2021
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