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Miss screenaholic

Unconscious kung fu

22 novembre - 5 janvier

9H30 - 17H00

Billetterie forfaits

Miss Screenaholic is one of the many identities of this conceptual artist. Unconscious Kung Fu uses the image to play conceptual games and react to (or fight back against) reality. This exhibition reflects the politics of the image and the consideration or instinctive political use of the image, even though these fights may occur subtly beneath the surface of Miss Screenaholic’s strange humor, her unawareness, pettiness, cuteness, silliness, improvisation, and her lightness. The one who tries to find “the photo” (Find the Photo), the one who tears the image book apart (Print the Books and Then Tear Them), the naive artist as well as clumsy magician (Naive Artist, Clumsy Magician), the banana deliverer (Banana Man), the poet or the gambler (Half a Poem), the young men (Riso-Graph), the small animals (Regressing Little Animal). The seven pieces presented in this exhibition are actually images themselves, or supported by images to realize concepts within their specific contexts. Here, the image is no longer a documentation nor a visual complement to a performance; instead, it is the method, a condition and really the core of what allows their actions or concepts to be accomplished.

Cai Liyuan