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Azadeh Akhlagi, Ashfika, Cinema Collection, IMC (Kinshan chand Hemlani), IMC (Bharat Bhushan Mahajan), Indu, Mayco Niang, NID (Adhi Moolaperumal Archive), Abhijit Pal, Thabedran

22 novembre - 5 janvier

9H30 - 17H00

Billetterie forfaits

“Catalyst“ looks at interfaces between archival images and contemporary works treading the spaces of activism and art, reaching across the subcontinent to Iran, Bangladesh, Myanmar as well as India. 

In recent years, there has been a concerted global shift focusing on personal images for testimony and ‘truth’, presenting lesser-known collections of interpersonal exchanges and community driven imperatives. The works on display, such as the Minute Camera mug-shots or found works from the streets of Myanmar, present embedded regional narratives that exist outside mainstream circulations and suggest an emergent visual politics and aesthetics, moving beyond the known stereotypes of identity imagery. Certain staged works that are presented, even those of cinema from India, aim to showcase dramatized and even satarised views of the everyday, and bring into focus performative aspects played out through media practices. The photographs presented through these new juxtapositions are meant to provoke a consideration of the majority and minority stances associated with understanding our cultural past and present, by thinking beyond an empiricist analysis of images to those images which playfully enact and enter popular consciousness.


In partnership with the Alkazi Foundation for the Arts (AFA)
Special thanks: PIX, Serendipity Arts Festival