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01 - 02 July


Editing : the gaze and the project

1 July - 2 July

Individual financing rate: 360 euros

Online registration

Fabrice Courthial & Loïc Colomb
+33(0)490 967 606

Ces deux journées permettront de faire un point sur la pratique de chacun et d’envisager de nouvelles approches, de nouvelles manières d’agencer ce que l’on veut donner à voir.
Après avoir échangé précisément autour des travaux de chaque participant, Sylvie Hugues proposera des séances adaptées aux facultés mais aussi aux obstacles rencontrés par chacun.
Une démarche qui s’enrichira également avec la visite de quelques expositions et la découverte de plusieurs auteurs photographes qui viendront faire écho aux discussions et réflexions engagées.
- Analyse des travaux des participants
- Atelier personnalisé
- Découvertes d’auteurs photographes
- Visites d’expositions
- Une sélection de photographies, entre 30 et 50 en format papier, portfolio De préférence 2 ou 3 séries différentes (format conseillé 20x30cm)
- Fichiers numériques correspondant à la sélection
- Fichiers numériques d’autres travaux
- Clé USB, disque dure externe (compatible Mac OS) ou ordinateur portable
- Début du stage photo : 9h30
- Fin du stage à 18h30
- Localisation : centre historique, à proximité des Arènes d'Arles
- Durée : 2 joursDe
will be back in 2021...

Participants in this exciting, hands-on, two-day course will take stock of their work, consider fresh approaches and think about how to arrange what they want to show. They will work with Sylvie Hugues on editing past, present or unfinished projects.

The course will focus on the gaze, points of view and choices. First, participants will observe, share and plainly describe their intentions and step back from their work to gain some perspective.

In small groups and individual workshops, they will build or improve upon a series, adapting or rethinking their photographs with a medium, a project or a possible destination for them in mind. The goal is to choose a distance, give the pictures meaning and coherence, find relationships and a pattern between them and, sometimes, work on framing, contrast, a texture, etc.

Visiting shows and discovering other photographers’ work will enhance the course and echo the discussions.

Sylvie Hugues was born in Paris in 1965. After studying literature & cinema, photography becomes her passion, to such an extent that she made it her principal activity. In 1992, she participates in the creation of a new photography magazine, “Réponses Photo”, of which she has been the editor in chief between 1996 and 2014. In parallel, she is an author protographer.

- Analysis of each participant’s work
- Personalized sessions
- Discovery of other photographers
- Visits of exhibitions

- Photographs, portfolio, press book, etc., indicative of your level (2 or 3 different sets)
- Digital files corresponding to this selection
- Digital files of other works you’ve done
- An external storage support compatible with Mac OS or a laptop computer for storing images

- Number of participants: 6 to 12
- Begins: 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday
- Ends: 6:00 p.m. on Thursday
- Location: historic center near the Arles arena
- Access : stairs. 3 floors.
- Learn the various steps involved in creating a photo series
- Develop a point of view based on a selection of photographs
- Teaching staff : a professional photographer instructor, helped by an assistant from 6 attenders
- Logistic staff to facilitate shooting sessions (places, material, contacts…)
- Workshop held in both French and English :
Collective parts in French with a translation for non-French speakers.
One-to-one interviews could be in English.
- Mac computers
- Contact prints (6x4 in.)
- A photo library (app. 500 references)
- Private end-of-course interview and evaluation
- The instructor continuously evaluates the personal series
- Oral end-of-course evaluation
- End-of-course certificate