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21 - 24 July



21 July - 24 July

Individual financing rate: 680 euros

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Fabrice Courthial & Loïc Colomb
+33(0)490 967 606

will be back in 2021...

This four-day workshop will focus on creating a photographic narrative and on editing, a key step to develop it and give it coherence. Selecting photographs will be at the core of the process.
Participants will make choices, discard certain shots, gradually distance themselves from their images and choose a photograph for its individual qualities before very quickly turning to the whole, looking for relationships and coherence, determining a distance, defining a point of view and developing a narrative. They will closely work with Christian Lutz on projects completed before the workshop and on shooting in situ, discuss series of images, develop intentions and narrow down and sometimes reorient a project to finalize a whole.
This exciting workshop will also evoke various supports and the formal implications for a project’s orientation. In addition, it will address pace, choices, formats and other factors involving the dissemination of photographic work in a book or an exhibition.
The last day will focus on finalizing and exhibiting a personal series.

Born 1973, Geneva, Switzerland.
Lives and works in Geneva.
In the early 2000s, Christian Lutz began working on power and its dramatization. Known as the Trilogy, this work consists of three parts, each the subject of a book: Protokoll, Tropical Gift, and In Jesus’ Name. The photographer’s approach is permeated by the notion of balance of power, whether expressed between individuals or social groups. Christian Lutz’s photographs are regularly published and exhibited in Europe and around the world.
Christian Lutz is part of the MAPS agency.
Personal website :
Agency website : MapsImage

- Discussions of participants’ prior work
- Learning the different steps involved in completing a photography project
- Preselection and management of digital files
- Editing of images brought by participants or made on site
- Completion of a personal project with or without shooting
- Additional shooting depending on the project
- Finalization of a coherent series
- Reflection on a photography project’s possible destinations
- End-of-workshop assessment
- A selection of prints and related files (max. 100) from series you want to work on
- A large selection of files on a hard drive, classified by series. 
- Your camera, charger and cables
- 2 or 3 memory cards
- A Mac-compatible hard drive or your computer if you wish
- Number of participants: 6 to 12
- Begins: 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday
- Ends: 6:30 p.m. on  Friday (it followed by an exhibition until 9:30 pm)
- Location: historic center near the Arles arena
- Access : stairs. 3 floors.
- Learn the various steps involved in creating a photo series
- Develop a point of view based on a selection of photographs
- Teaching staff : a professional photographer instructor, helped by an assistant from 6 attenders
- Logistic staff to facilitate shooting sessions (places, material, contacts…)
- Workshop held in both French and English :
Collective parts in French with a translation for non-French speakers.
One-to-one interviews could be in English.
- Mac computers
- Contact prints (6x4 in.)
- Studios with various accessories
- Lightening set up (Flashs, LED, Fresnel…)
- Digital camera (on demand)
- A photo library (app. 500 references)
- Private end-of-course interview and evaluation
- The instructor continuously evaluates the personal series
- Oral end-of-course evaluation
- End-of-course certificate