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22 - 26 July


Bird tracks in the snow

22 July - 26 July

Individual financing rate: 780 euros

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Fabrice Courthial & Loïc Colomb
+33(0)490 967 606

Ce stage est construit autour d’une réflexion sur une photographie dont l’usage serait d’imposer sa perception du monde.
Au-delà de fonctions purement documentaires, à travers le journal ou l’inventaire, les images permettent à celui qui les invente de se détacher des contraintes liées à la retranscription d’une réalité objective. La tentative d’Antoine d’Agata est de ramener l’acte photographique à la nécessité de rendre compte d’expériences ordinaires ou extrêmes.
Chacun des participants devra s’interroger sur la finalité de sa propre démarche, être acteur à part entière de ses propres images travailler la texture du réel. Les images comme les mots ne prennent sens que dans leur juxtaposition et l’on s’interrogera sur les formes les plus pertinentes et adaptées à la position de chacun.
Avec le photographe, les participants devront être prêts à photographier intensément pendant la durée de l’atelier et à repousser les limites de leur pratique. Ils seront confrontés à leurs obsessions, à leurs contradictions, et composeront une série d’images, retranscription réelle ou fictive de leur rapport intime au monde.
Membre de l’agence Magnum depuis 2004, Antoine d’Agata a reçu le Prix Niepce en 2001, il a publié de nombreux ouvrages dont Stigma et Insomnia (Ed. Images en Manoeuvres), Vortex (Ed. Atlantica). et Ice (Ed. Images en Manoeuvres).
Ses images qui interrogent et repoussent les limites du reportage font d’Antoine d’Agata l’un des photographes français des plus intéressants. Près de 15 ans après sa première exposition marquante à la galerie Vu, Antoine D'Agata a investi le Bal , à Paris, du 24 janvier au 14 avril 2013.
- Présentation du métier de photographe
- Analyse des travaux antérieurs du participant
- Elaboration d’un projet photographique personnel
- Séances de prises de vue individuelles.
- Analyse des images réalisées, éditing, construction d’une série cohérente
- Entretien individuel de fin de formation

Your own path and the beauty of the process

Five intense days with Machiel Botman to explore different ways to find your own visual language. There will be time for taking pictures, editing and sharing your ideas. In the end you will build, step by step, a little dummy that will feel like a true gift to yourself.

You will be guided to recognize images for their potential and to bring them together in a sequence and in a layout. So they can start interacting and challenging you. It is often about not being afraid, remaining free and trusting that the meaning of what you put together will become clear at one point.

The week is divided in two parts:

First part: looking at what you brought, shooting, writing. There will be space to talk, experiment, make mistakes, change your idea, start again. You will aim at collecting a group of images that you love.

Each participant can bring things from home: small prints, texts, drawings made while you are on the phone, a poem you once wrote, a photo from your family album that is very dear to you, an X-ray from the hospital, whatever.

In the first days you will also be taking pictures, writing or drawing. The group will be important in this phase, because many times your key turns when listening to the others. There will be a good alternation between collective and individual moments.

Second part: from the middle of the week on you will start to put together a small dummy, simple and very hand made. For book dummies perfection is a trap. A lot has to do with finding the right sequence and layout on the two pages. The object you will have in your hands at the end of these days will be a beautiful instrument for the future, a starting point to develop further your photography.

On a table or on a wall as a leporello, the printed and assembled series will be presented on the last day.

Machiel Botman was born in 1955 in Vogelenzang, The Netherlands. A key figure in Dutch photography, Botman has always photographed as a way to understand life. Self-taught, Botman works instinctively, photographing in black and white, creating images that are as much about himself as who, what and where he photographs. Ever since he made his first photograph at the age of 12, photography has always been a very intimate experience for Botman. He photographs the people and places in his life that affect him. From the portraits of his friends and relatives to the pictures of strangers he meets to the gestural images of the landscapes he passes through, Botman’s images evoke a world of interconnectedness without relying on overly poetic sentiment. 

Ses travaux ont fait l'objet de nombreuses éditions, parmi lesquelles les très remarquées Heatbeat (1994), Rainchild (2004), One Tree (2011) ...

Website :

- Presentation of the profession of photographer
- Analysis of the participant's previous work
- Definition of a personal project
- Individual and collective photo sessions
- Analysis of the pictures taken, editing, and building of a unified, convincing series
- Build-up an handcraft dummy
- Final one-to-one interview

- A selection of around 30 images attesting to your practice (preferably on paper/format of your choice)
- Your camera, charger and cables
- 2 or 3 memory cards
- A Mac-compatible hard drive or your computer if you wish

- Number of participants: 6 to 12
- Begins: 10:00 a.m. on Monday
- Ends: 6:30 p.m. on friday
- Location: historic center near the Arles arena

- Learn the various steps involved in creating a photo series
- Develop a point of view based on a selection of photographs

- Taught by an instructor and an assistant

- Mac computers
- A photo library (app. 500 references)
- Various kinds of lighting systems, studio accessories, tripod, etc.

- Private end-of-course interview and evaluation
- The instructor continuously evaluates the personal series
-Oral end-of-course evaluation

- End-of-course certificate