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Created 50 years ago, at the same time as the festival, the Book Award contributing to the extraordinary development of photography publishing and to its wide distribution. Since 2015, the Fondation Jan Michalski pour l’Ecriture et la Littérature is the main partner of the Book Awards.

Each of these €6,000-prizes is intended for the best photography books published between June 1, 2019 and May 31, 2020.

A jury of photobook experts will name the Book Awards winners November 10,2020. The grant will be equally divided between the publisher and the photographer (or to all the authors in case of collaborative or collective works).

Members of the jury:
Simon Baker, Maison Européenne de la Photographie.
Delphine Bedel, artist, researcher, teacher, author and publisher.
Christoph Wiesner, Rencontres d'Arles.


Federica Chiocchetti, founder of the photo-literary platform Photocaptionist
Rémi Coignet, author and critic
Amélie Samson, producer of exhibitions for the Rencontres d'Arles

This €6,000 prize is for the best book presenting a project by a contemporary photographer.

25 books shortlisted
[Title, photographer/author, publisher]

- The Unforgetting, Peter Watkins, Skinnerboox
- Fünf Finger Föhn Frisur, Gaechter + Clahsen/Jorg Scheller, Édition Patrick Frey
- Mom, Charlie Engman, Édition Patrick Frey
- Womb, Lucile Boiron/François Cheval, Libraryman
- A les 8 al bar Eusebi, Salvi Danés, Dalpine
- Leopold’s Legacy, Oliver Leu, The Eriskay Connection
- The Community, Eli Durst, Morel Books
- My father's legs, Sara Perovic, J&L Books
- Zero, Alfonso Moral, Anti-books
- Électricité de France, Eric Tabuchi, Poursuite
- An Attic Full of Trains, Alberto Di Lenardo, Mack
- Por Maniobras de un Terceto, Clara de Tezanos/Clara de Tezanos, Alejandro Catagena, self-published
- El laberinto mágico, Julián Barón García, Fundación Max Aub
- Mayflies, Dimitra Dede, Void
- Chas Chas, Luis Cobelo, self-published
- Comptes rendus photographiques des sorties naturalistes en lutte sur la Zad de Notre Dame des Landes, Bruno Serralongue/Sandra Delacourt, Éditions GwinZegal
- How to Secure a Country, Salvatore Vitale, Lars Müller Publishers
- Flower Smuggler, Diana Tamane/Martin Germann, Art Paper Editions
- The Sound of the Woodpecker Bill: New York City, Antonio Rovaldi/Francesca Berardi, Cecilia Canziani, Claudia Durastanti, Lorenzo Giusti, Steven N. Handel, Mario Maffi, Anna de Manincor, Antonio Rovaldi, Humboldt Books
- Invisible, Nicolas Floc'h, Roma Publications
- Are they Rocks or Clouds, Marina Caneve, Fw:Books
- Time Atlas, Niina Vatanen, Kerher Verlag
- Hotel Mermaid Club, Chris Rhodes/Fernando Pessoa, RVB Books
- Tree and Soil, Robert Knoth, Antoinette de Jong/Prof. Dr. Erik de Jong, Hartmann Books & Projects
- Güle Güle, Caimi & Piccinni/Feuerhelm Brad, André Frère Éditions

This €6,000 prize is for the best documented work, thematic or monographic, on photography or a photographer.

10 books shortlisted
[Title, photographer/author, publisher]

- 78, Issei Suda/Cécile Poimboeuf-Koizumi, Chose Commune
- Yangon Fashion 1979 Fashion=Resistance, Lukas Birk, Fraglish
- The Yoshida Dormitory Students History, Kanta Nomura, Reminders Photography Storonghold
- A Self Portrait of the XXth Century, Jean-Marie Donat/Marie-José Mondzain, Luc Sante and Richard Vine, Innocences/L’Éditeur du Dimanche
- Who Is Michael Jang, Michael Jang/Sandra S. Philips, Erik Kessels and Kingston Trinder, Atelier Éditions
- Lartigue: The Boy and the Belle Époque, Jacques Henri Lartigue/Louise Baring, Thames & Hudson Ltd
- Segni Migranti, Mario Cresci, Postcart Edizioni
- 50 ans de photographie française de 1970 à nos jours, Author: Michel Poivert, Éditions Textuel
- The Ghetto Lane in Wilna, Moshé Raviv - Vorobeichic (Moï Ver), The Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore
- Glass Strenči, Davis Spunde, Janis Krauklis, Konrad Krauklis, Paulina Kraukle, Elza Kraukle/Anna Volkova, Orbita

This €6,000 prize is for the best book where words and photographs go together.

10 books shortlisted
[Title, photographer/author, publisher]

- Human Territoriality, Roger Eberhard/Prof. Dr. Henk Van Houtum, Édition Patrick Frey
- What Photography & Incarceration Have in Common with an Empty Vase, Edgar Martins/Mark Durden, The Moth House
- Picture Summer on Kodak Film, Jason Fulford, Mack
- I walk toward the sun which is always going down, Alan Huck, Mack
- Zanjir, Amak Mahmoodian, RRB Publishers
- Debi Cornwall - Necessary Fictions, Debi Cornwall/Nomi Stone, Radius Books
- Un, Giovanna Silva, bruno
- Delusion Is a Lie that Tells the truth, Maria José Sesma, Hydra
- We Have Been Meaning To, Marie Déhè & Haydée Touitou, Art Paper Editions
- Day by Day, JH Engstrom, Editions Bessard

Copies will not be returned and will remain the property of the Rencontres d’Arles. One copy will be deposited at the Rencontres d’Arles library, currently located at the École nationale supérieure de la photographie.

The other copy could be presented to the public during an ephemeral exhibition in Paris in November, and then possibly during the festival Jimei x Rencontres d'Arles 2020, which will take place from November 27th, 2020 to January 3rd, 2021. Due to the limited available exhibition space, please note that exceptionally the selection of works exhibited during these events will be submitted to the opinion of a pre-jury.

For any question regarding the Book Awards, please contact:

Main partner of the Book Awards: Fondation Jan Michalski pour l’Écriture et la Littérature.