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Presentation of the festival



The Rencontres d'Arles (formerly known as the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d'Arles) is a summer photography festival founded in 1970 by Arles photographer Lucien Clergue, author Michel Tournier and historian Jean-Maurice Rouquette.

The Rencontres d'Arles’ policy of programming,  almost exclusively consisting of new work, has earned  a world-wide reputation. In 2019, the festival welcomed 145,000 visitors.

The exhibitions, often co-produced with both French and foreign museums and institutions, are given on various heritage sites, suitably stage-designed for the purpose. Some sites (for example, 12th century chapels or 19th century industrial buildings) are open to the public only for the duration of the festival.
Many photographers have been discovered as a result of the Rencontres; a sure sign of the festival’s importance as a springboard for photographic and contemporary creative talent.

For its depth and reach the programme draws on the points of view of numerous specialists – around twenty each year – from different fields. Sometimes part of the programming is entrusted to an artist, examples including Martin Parr in 2004, Raymond Depardon in 2006, Arles-born couturier Christian Lacroix in 2008 and Nan Goldin in 2009.

Every summer since 1970, over the course of more than sixty exhibitions at various of the city’s exceptional heritage sites, the Rencontres d’Arles has been a major influence in disseminating the best of world photography. It sees itself as the melting pot of contemporary creation.
Thanks to a programming policy that almost entirely favours unpublished works, the Rencontres has become the benchmark international photography festival.
The exhibitions are often produced in partnership with French or foreign museums and institutions.
The roll-call of photographers ‘discovered’ at the Rencontres is impressive. Its role as a springboard for artists is strengthened by the presence of many foreign professionals during opening week.
The way exhibitions are set up at Arles involves elaborate stage design. Some historical buildings (12th century chapels and 19th century industrial spaces) are open to the public only during the festival period.
The Rencontres d’Arles:
- at the cutting edge of developments in the photographic image, up with new processes and with new approaches to the photographed subject and to plastic form.
- aware of new techniques; able to offer to every kind of public a different concept of what a photography exhibition can be and to connect people meaningfully with the image.

Opening week at the Rencontres d’Arles involves photography events (e.g. evening screenings, exhibition visits, discussions, symposiums, readings, performances and book signings) in historic parts of the city, some of which are open especially for the occasion.
Among the more memorable events of recent Rencontres have been: ‘European Night’ (‘Nuit de l’Europe’) in 2008, which presented a wide panorama of European photographic identities; Christian Lacroix’s fashion show created for the closing night of the festival in 2008; and the Patti Smith concert to celebrate the 20th birthday of the Vu Agency in 2006.

Evening screenings in the Théâtre Antique
The open-air evening screenings at the Théâtre Antique in Arles present the work of a photographer or photography specialist accompanied by concerts or performances. Each screening is a one-off creation.
Many artists, such as Andres Serrano, Don McCullin, Valérie Belin, Seamus Murphy & PJ Harvey (2016), Mathieu Chedid & Martin Parr (2015), Hiroshi Sugimoto (2013), Vincent Courtois & Michael Ackermann (2014), or Nan Goldin and The Tiger Lilies (2009), have participated to these special evenings in the Théâtre Antique.

Night of the Year
The format of opening week’s unmissable festive event has changed. Visitors can now take a walk to see the festival’s favourite works by artists and photographers as well as carte blanche exhibitions by institutions.

Symposiums and Discussions
Discussions and symposiums are held during the opening week of the Rencontres d’Arles. Participating photographers and other professionals talk about their work or about questions raised by the images on display.
In recent years the themes included whether a black-and-white aesthetic is still conceivable in photography (2013); the impact of social networks on creativity and information (2011); in 2009, ‘Change, a central concept in today’s photography’; in 2008, ‘The Photography Commission – Freedom or Constraint’; in 2007, ‘Challenges and Changes in Photography’.

Rencontres d’Arles Awards
Since they were created in 2002, the Rencontres d’Arles awards have been a means of discovering new talents at the festival. The nature of the prizes was changed in 2007 and  there are now four annual awards. They are presented during the closing ceremony of professional week at the festival and the winners’ work is displayed throughout the summer at Arles. The awards are: the Prix Découverte (‘Discovery Award’), worth €25000, the Prix du Livre d’Auteur (‘Contemporary Book Award’), worth €8000, the Prix du Livre Historique (‘Historical Book Award’), worth €8000, and the Prix Photo-Texte (‘Photo-Text Award’). Two awards have been launched in 2015: the Prix Photo-Texte, worth €6000, and the Dummy Book Award, an award supporting the publication of a dummy book with a production budget of €25,000. Since 2016, the Prix de la Photo Madame Figaro-Arles, worth €10,000, awards a women photographer.

VR Arles festival

Launched in 2016 in partnership with BNP Paribas, the VR Arles Festival shows a selection of narrative, documentary and artistic VR films (virtual reality). This program explore the new forms of narration and creation made possible by this format. A prize (worth €10,000) is given by a jury of filmmakers and professionals of the art sector to the best film of the selection.


Photo Folio Review & Gallery

Photo Folio Review & Gallery was launched in 2006. Photographers are able to have their portfolios looked at critically during the opening week. There is also an opportunity for some to have their work displayed throughout the festival. Photographers submit their work to the trained eyes of internationally renowned experts from different fields of photography: publishers, exhibition curators, museum directors, agency heads, gallery owners, collectors, and art directors.

Photo Workshops
Exchanges between professional photographers and photographers at all levels of expertise have been a constant feature of the Rencontres d’Arles since its inception. The photo workshops enable those taking part to engage in a creative venture of their own, at the cutting edge of aesthetic, ethical and technical photographic challenges.
Well-known photographers regularly run workshops for the Rencontres d’Arles: Guy le Querrec, Antoine d’Agata, Martin Parr, René Burri, Joan Fontcuberta, to name but a few.

Back to School with Images
‘Back to School with Images’ has been a major element in the pedagogical policy of the Rencontres since 2004. During the first two weeks of September, students from primary school to Master’s level visit the exhibitions in the company of cultural mediators. The event uses the festival programme as part of a broad policy of democratising culture designed to bring the visual arts to a young audience. ‘Back to School with Images’ impacts on several thousand students; for a significant proportion of them it is their first contact with contemporary art.

Public funding accounted for 27% of the 2017 festival’s €7-million budget, sales (mainly of tickets and derivative products), 58% and private partnerships, 15%.




Joel Meyerowitz, Michael Wolf, Audrey Tautou, Kate Barry, Roger Ballen, Marie Bovo, Mathieu Asselin, Gideon Mendel, Karlheinz Weinberger, Samuel Gratacap, Mathieu Pernot, Niels Ackermann, Sébastien Gober, Yves Chaudouët, Guillaume Herbaut, Eleonore Lubna, Dominique Auerbacher, Gabriele Basilico, Alain Ceccaroli, Despatin & Gobeli, Robert Doisneau, Tom Drahos, Pierre de Fenoÿl, Jean-Louis Garnell, Albert Giordan, François Hers, Josef Koudelka, Christian Milovanoff, Sophie Ristelhueber, Holger Trülzsch, Dune Varela, Christophe Rihet, Masahisa Fukase, Julián Barón, Ricardo Cases, Federico Clavarino, David Hornillos, Alejandro Marote, Óscar Monzón, Bernardita Morello, Miren Pastor, Michele Tagliaferri, Fosi Vegue, Antonio M. Xoubanova, Julie Balagué, Vincent Fillon, Bruno Fontana , Jean Noviel, Camille Richer, Meead Akhi, Azadeh Akhlaghi, Ali & Ramyar, Saba Alizadeh, Hoda Amin, Hawar Amini, Abbas Attar, Fatemeh Baigmoradi, Dadbeh Bassir, Erfan Dadkhah, Solmaz Daryani, Gohar Dashti, Alireza Fani, Hamed Farhangi, Arash Fayez, Shadi Ghadirian, Jassem Ghazbanpour, Azin Haghighi, Ghazaleh Hedayat, Bahman Jalali, Rana Javadi, Poolad Javaher Haghighi, Alborz Kazemi, Babak Kazemi, Kaveh Kazemi, Mehregan Kazemi, Arash Khamooshi, Danial Khodaie, Abbas Kiarostami, Gelareh Kiazand, Abbas Kowsari, Yalda Moaiery, Sasan Moayyedi, Mehran Mohajer, Mehdi Monem, Amir Mousavi, Sahar Mokhtari, Tahmineh Monzavi, Mehran Naghshbandi, Azin Nafarhaghighi, Mehrdad Naraghi, Morteza Niknahad & Behnam Zakeri, Ebrahim Noroozi, Mohsen Rastani, Ghazaleh Rezaei, Behnam Sadighi, Majid Saeedi, Omid Salehi, Hasan Sarbakhshian, Jalal Sepehr, Bahram Shabani, Noushin Shafiei, Hashem Shakeri, Jalal Shams Azaran, Sina Shiri, Arya Tabandehpoor, Nazanin Tabatabaee Yazdi, Maryam Takhtkeshian, Newsha Tavakolian, Sadegh Tirafkan, Mehdi Vosoughnia, Mohsen Yazdipour, Hasti Zahiri, Maryam Zandi

Sid Grossman, Ethan Levitas, Garry Winogrand, Peter Mitchell, Eamonn Doyle, Christian Marclay, Bernard Plossu, Charles Fréger, Sara Galbiati, Peter Helles Eriksen, Tobias Selnaes Markussen, Maud Sulter, Laia Abril, Piero Martinello, João Pina, Stéphanie Solinas, Yan Morvan, Alexandre Guirkinger, Don McCullin, PJ Harvey & Seamus Murphy, Yann Gross, Alinka Echeverría, Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari, Augustin Rebetez, Frank Berger, Stephanie Kiwitt, Basma Alsharif, Daisuke Yokota, Marie Angeletti, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Nader Adem, Sarah Waiswa, Beni Bischof, Sara Cwynar.

Walker Evans, Stephen Shore, Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, Toon Michiels, Olivier Cablat, Markus Brunetti, Paul Ronald, Sandro Miller, Eikoh Hosoe, Masahisa Fukase, Daido Moriyama, Masatoshi Naito, Issei Suda, Kou Inose, Sakiko Nomura, Daisuke Yokota, Martin Gusinde, Paolo Woods, Gabriele Galimberti, Natasha Caruana, Alex Majoli, Paolo Pellegrin, Ambroise Tézenas, Thierry Bouët, Anna Orlowska, Vlad Krasnoshchok, Sergiy Lebedynskyy, Vadym Trykoz, Lisa Barnard, Robert Zhao Renhui, Pauline Fargue, Julián Barón, Delphine Chanet, Omar Victor Diop, Paola Pasquaretta, Niccolò Benetton, Simone Santilli, Dorothée Smith, Rebecca Topakian, Denis Darzacq, Swen Renault, Paolo Woods, Elsa Leydier, Alice Wielinga, Cloé Vignaud, Louis Matton, Swen Renault et Pablo Mendez.

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Chris Marker, photos du New York Times, Robert Capa, Wang Qingsong, Dulce Pinzon, JR...

Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert Delpire, Willy Ronis, Jean-Claude Lemagny, Lucien Clergue, Elger Esser, Roni Horn, Duane Michals, Nan Goldin (guest of honour), Brian Griffin, Naoya Hatakeyama, JH Engström, David Armstrong, Eugene Richards, Martin Parr, Paolo Nozolino, et al.

Richard Avedon, Grégoire Alexandre, Joël Bartoloméo, Achinto Bhadra, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Samuel Fosso, Charles Fréger, Pierre Gonnord, Françoise Huguier, Grégoire Korganow, Peter Lindbergh, Guido Mocafico, Henri Roger, Paolo Roversi, Joachim Schmid, Georges Tony Stoll, Patrick Swirc, Tim Walker, Vanessa Winship, et al.

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Artistic Directors
• 1970 - 1972 : Lucien Clergue, Michel Tournier, Jean-Maurice Rouquette
• 1973 - 1976 : Lucien Clergue
• 1977 : Bernard Perrine
• 1978 : Jacques Manachem
• 1979 - 1982 : Alain Desvergnes
• 1983 - 1985: Lucien Clergue
• 1986 - 1987 : François Hébel
• 1988 - 1989 : Claude Hudelot
• 1990 : Agnès de Gouvion Saint-Cyr
• 1991 - 1993 : Louis Mesplé
• 1994 : Lucien Clergue
• 1995-1998, Delegate General : Bernard Millet
1995, Artistic Director: Michel Nuridsany
1996, Artistic Director: Joan Fontcuberta
1997, Artistic Director: Christian Caujolle
1998, Artistic Director: Giovanna Calvenzi
• 1999 - 2001 : Gilles Mora
• 2002-2014 : François Hébel
• Since 2015 : Sam Stourdzé

Rencontres d’Arles Awards: nominators and award winners

Nouveau Prix Découverte (Discovery Award) : Carlos Ayesta et Guillaume Bression
Prix du livre d'auteur (Contemporary Book Award): Henk Wildschut, « Ville de Calais», Gwinzegal, for the French version, and Henk Wildschut, self-publishing for the English version
Mention spéciale prix du livre d'auteur : Kent Klich, Louise Wolthers & Dragana Vujanovic Ostlind, Kent Klich, «Gaza Works», Koenig books LTD (Sweden)
Prix du livre historique (Historical Book Award): Latif Al Ani, Morad Montazami  & Tamara Chalabi, «Latif Al Ani», Editions Hannibal (Belgium)
Prix du livre photo-texte : Masanao Abe, Helmut Völter, « The Movement of Clouds around Mount Fuji, photographed and Filmed by Masanao Abe», Spector books (Germany)

Dummy Book Award : Olga Kravets, Maria Morina, Anna Shpakova & Oksana Yushko for the project «Grozny: nine cities»

Prix de la photo Madame Figaro - Arles: Paz Errazuriz

Prix du VR Arles festival: «Miyubi» by Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël


Prix Découverte (Discovery Award) : Sarah Waiswa
Prix du livre d’auteur : (Contemporary Book Award) « Taking off. Henry My Neighbor » de Mariken Wessels (éd. Art Paper Editions, 2015)
Prix du livre historique : (Historical Book Award) « (in matters of) Karl » de Annette BEHRENS (éd Fw: Books, 2015)
Prix du livre Photo-Texte:  « Negative Publicity : Artefacts Of Extraordinary Rendition » de Edmund Clark & Crofton Black, (éd. Aperture & Magnum Fondation, 2016)

Dummy Book Award : « Toi et moi, un projet entre Bosnie, Allemagne et États-Unis » de Katja Stuke et Oliver Sieber / Mention Spéciale: « Monsanto, une enquête photographique » de Mathieu Asselin
Photo Folio Review : David Fathi (France), Sonja Hamad (Germany), Eric Leleux (France), Karolina Paatos (Finland) et Maija Tammi (Finland).

Prix Découverte (Discovery Award) : Pauline Fargue
Prix du livre d'auteur (Contemporary Book Award) : « H. said he loved us » de Tommaso Tanini/Discipula (éd. Disculpa Editions, 2014)
Special Mention by the Jury: Dima Gavrysh, Douglas NIckel, Inshallah, Kehrer Verlag, 2015
Miguel Angel Toneron, The Random Series, Editorial RM, 2014
Prix du livre historique (Historical Book Award) : « Monograph Vitas Luckus. Works. Biography » de Margarita Matulyt et Tatjana Luckiene-Aldag (éd. Kaunas Photography gallery & Lithuanian Art Museum, 2014)

Dummy Book Award : « The Jungle Book » de Yann Gross
Special Mention by the Jury: John Mac Lean, Hometowns & Yoshinori Masuda, Tiger 2
Photo Folio Review : Charlotte Abramow (Belgium), Piero Martinelo (Italy), Martin Essl (Austria), Elin Høyland (Norway) et Laurent Kronenthal (France).

Nominators: Quentin Bajac, Alexis Fabry, Bohnchang Koo, Wim Mélis, Azu Nwagbogu.

Prix Découverte (Discovery Award) : Kechun Zhang
Prix du livre d'auteur (Contemporary Book Award) : « Hidden Islam » de Nicolo Degiorgis (éd. Rorhof)
Prix du livre historique (Historical Book Award) : « Paris mortel retouché » de Johan van der Keuken (éd. Van Zoetendaal Publishers)

Nominators: Zeina Arida, Diane Dufour, Alison Nordström, Brett Rogers, Olga Sviblova.

Prix Découverte (Discovery Award) : Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh et Rozenn Quéré
Prix du livre d'auteur (Contemporary Book Award) : Antoine d'Agata
Prix du livre historique (Historical Book Award) : Rosângela Rennó

Nominators: Phillip S. Block, John Fleetwood, Tadashi Ono, Jyrki Parantainen, Olivier Richon.

Prix Découverte (Discovery Award): Jonathan Torgovnik
Prix du Livre d'auteur (Contemporary Book Award) : Redheaded Peckerwood de Christian Patterson
Prix du livre historique (Historical Book Award) : Les Livres de photographie d'Amérique latine d'Horacio Fernández

Nominators : Simon Baker, Chris Boot, Sam Stourdzé, David Barriet, David Benassayag, Béatrice Didier, Artur Walther.

Prix Découverte (Discovery Award): Mikhael Subotzky and Patrick Waterhouse.
Prix du Livre d’auteur (Contemporary Book Award) : A Living Man Declared Dead + Other Chapters, Taryn Simon (Mack Books, London, 2011).
Special Mention by the Jury: A New American Picture, Doug Rickard (White Press /
Prix du Livre historique (Historical Book Award): Works, Lewis Baltz (Steidl, Goettingen, 2010).
Special Mention by the jury: Photographic Memory: The Album in the Age of Photography, Verna Posever Curtis (Aperture, New-York, May 2011).

Nominators Tom Eccles, Liam Gillick, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Philippe Parreno, Beatrix Ruf.
Prix Découverte (Discovery Award): Taryn Simon
Prix LUMA (LUMA Award): Trisha Donnelly
Prix du Livre d’auteur (Contemporary Book Award): Photography 1965-1974, Yutaka Takanashi (Only Photograph, 2010)
Prix du livre historique : Les livres de photographies japonais : des années 1960 et 1970, Ryuichi Kaneko et Ivan Vartanian (Seuil, 2009)

Nominators : Lucien Clergue, Bernard Perrine, Alain Desvergnes, Claude Hudelot, Agnès de Gouvion Saint-Cyr, Louis Mesplé, Bernard Millet, Michel Nuridsany, Joan Fontcuberta, Christian Caujolle, Giovanna Calvenzi, Martin Parr, Christian Lacroix, Arnaud Claass, Christian Milovanoff
Prix Découverte (Discovery Award) : Rimaldas Viksraitis
Prix du Livre d’auteur (Contemporary Book Award) : From back home, Anders Petersen et Jan Henrich Engström (Bokforlaget Max Strum, 2009)
Prix du livre historique (Historical Book Award): In History, Susan Meiselas (Bokforlaget Max Strum, 2009)

Nominators: Elisabeth Biondi, Luis Venegas, Nathalie Ours, Caroline Issa et Massoud Golsorkhi, Carla Sozzani

Prix Découverte (Discovery Award) : Pieter Hugo
Prix du Livre d’auteur (Contemporary Book Award): Strange and Singular, Michael Abrams (Loosestrife 2007)
Prix du livre historique (Historical Book Award): Nein Onkel (Archive of modern conflict août 2007)
Mention spéciale du jury - Prix du livre historique (Historical Book Award) : Le vocabulaire technique de la photographie, Collective work under the direction of Anne Cartier Bresson (Marval, 2008)

Nominators : Bice Curiger, Alain Fleischer, Johan Sjöström, Thomas Weski, Anne Wilkes Tucker

Prix Découverte (Discovery Award) : Laura Henno
Prix du Livre d’auteur (Contemporary Book Award): Empty Bottles, Thijs Groot Wassink and Ruben Lundgren (Veenman Publishers)
Prix du livre historique (Historical Book Award) : Laszlo Moholy-Nagy : color in transparency, Jeannine Fiedler (Steidl)

Nominators : Vincent Lavoie, Abdoulaye Konaté, Yto Barrada, Marc-Olivier Wahler, Alain d’Hooghe

Prix Découverte (Discovery Award) : Alessandra Sanguinetti
‘No Limit’ Award: Randa Mirza
‘Dialogue de l’Humanité’ Award: Wang Qingsong
Help with a Project : Walid Raad
Prix du livre (Book Award): Form aus Licht und Schatten, Heinz Hajek-Halke (Steidl Verlag)
Honourable Mentions: The Black Hole, Anouk Kruithof /Jaap Scheeren, (HUP Editions, Netherland) & Le cur sacré. Un atlas chirurgical du corps humain, Marc Aguilera-Hellweg, (Éditions Kargo, France)

Nominators : Ute Eskildsen, Jean-Louis Froment, Michel Mallard, Kathy Ryan, Marta Gili

Prix Découverte (Discovery Award) : Miroslav Tichy
‘No Limit’ Award: Mathieu Bernard-Reymond
‘Dialogue de l’Humanité’ Award: Simon Norfolk
Help with a Project: Anna Malagrida
Prix du livre (Book Award): Temporary Discomfort, Jules Spinatsch, (Lars Mueller Publisher)

Nominators : Eikoh Hosoe, Joan Fontcuberta, Tod Papageorge, Elaine Constantine, Antoine d’Agata

Prix Découverte (Discovery Award) : Yasu Suzuka
‘No Limit’ Award: Jonathan de Villiers
‘Dialogue de l’Humanité’ Award: Edward Burtynsky
Help with a Project: John Stathatos
Prix du livre (Book Award): Particulars, David Goldblatt, (Goodman Publisher)

Nominators : Giovanna Calvenzi, Hou Hanru, Christine Macel, Anna Lisa Milella, Urs Stahel

Prix Découverte (Discovery Award) : Zijah Gafic
‘No Limit’ Award: Thomas Demand
‘Dialogue de l’Humanité’ Award: Fazal Sheikh
Photographer of the Year Award: Anders Petersen
Help with a Project: Jitka Hanzlova
Prix du livre (Book Award): Hide That Can, Deirdre O’Callaghan, (Trolley Publisher, London)
Help with a Project: A Personal Diary of Chinese Avant-Garde in the 1990s, China (1993-1998), Xing Danwen

Nominators : Denis Curti, Alberto Anault, Alice Rose George, Manfred Heiting, Erik Kessels, Claudine Maugendre, Val Williams

Prix Découverte (Discovery Award): Peter Granser
‘No Limit’ Award: Jacqueline Hassink
‘Dialogue de l’Humanité’ Award: Tom Wood
Photographer of the Year Award: Roger Ballen
Help with a Project: Pascal Aimar, Chris Shaw
Prix du livre (Book Award): Sibusiso Mbhele and his Fish Helicopter, Koto Bolofo, (Powerhouse Books)
Help with Publishing: Une histoire sans nom, Anne-Lise Broyer (Éditions Filigranes)