Xiamen, China
November 27, 2020 — January 3, 2021


The Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival was first launched in 2015 by RongRong, Chinese photography pioneer and co-founder of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, and Sam Stourdzé, head of the Académie de France-Villa Médicis and former director of Les Rencontres d’Arles. The event’s co-producers include Three Shadows Photography Art Centre and Xiamen Tianxia Jimei Media Co., Ltd. Jimei x Arles has become a must-see event in China, attracting more than 300,000 visitors over the past five years. In 2019, visitor numbers increased to 70,000.

Every fall, a selection of projects from Les Rencontres d’Arles has travelled to Xiamen. Due to the public health crisis, Les Rencontres d’Arles was cancelled this summer and the planned program could not be shown in France. However, selected exhibitions from this year’s festival will be shown in Xiamen, which makes this year’s Jimei x Arles particularly special.

Renowned photography critic and curator Gu Zheng has been invited to serve as the Art Director for this year’s Jimei x Arles, which will present 26 exhibitions, including the debut of six exhibitions selected from Les Rencontres d’Arles in France, ten Discovery Award exhibitions featuring outstanding young Chinese photogra­phers, the “Greetings from Japan” exhibition showing the most influential Japanese female artists, the China Pulse exhibition pre­senting explorations and developments at an art academy in China, four Crossover Photography exhibitions, one tribute exhibition to a master photographer, one Collector’s Tale exhibition, and two Local Action exhibitions. The 26 exhibitions will take place in Xiamen, presenting works by 87 artists from France, Belgium, Singapore, Lithuania, the United States, Japan, and mainland China.

During the Opening Weekend (27-29 November) of 2020 Jimei × Arles International Photo Festival, there will be a series of events and activities open for photo profession­als, lovers and to all.

6 exhibitions from Les Rencontres d’Arles will travel to China for Jimei x Arles this fall. The works include classic photographs from the New Wave series by Raymond Cauchetier, the Louis Roederer Discovery Award exhibitions: Find the Truth featuring artists Elsa & Johanna, Earth Not a Globe by Philippe Braquenier, Your Foot, My Foot by François-Xavier Gbré, the 2020 Arles Book Award exhibition, and a special screening of the Night of the Year program.

These shows are designed to explore the connection between photography and Fujian, where Jimei x Arles is held. Back Home: Images of Fujian Circa 1928 in Liu Kang’s Album will showcase valuable photographs taken by Liu Kang, a pioneer of Singaporean art in his home province of Fujian. Back Home celebrates the first time that the album has returned to Fujian to be displayed, 90 years after the photos were taken.
A Cognitive Experiment Related to a Hometown: Mountains, Waters, and Cities presents seven prominent young artists’ works on the themes of the cities, mountains, waters, and hometowns of Fujian. Artists: Chen Yating, Liang Tingwei, Liao Zekai, Liu Xuyang, Zeng Zekun, Zhang Yu, Zhou Zijie.

This section presents the multiple crossover possibilities of photography, engaging with different media and diverse cultures. The exhibitions will feature the new series Witness by photographer Li Ge with his team in Wuhan, Carrying One Object on My Head Every Day by artist Chen Wenling, A Frequent Visitor by photographer and musician Qin Hao, and Soon to Be Gone by Lithuanian photographer Tadas Kazakevicius.

Every year, the Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival features an Asian country’s photography scene. After India, South Korea, and Indonesia, this year’s Jimei x Arles will focus on Japan. With Kasahara Michiko, deputy director of the Artizon Museum at the Ishibashi Foundation, serving as the academic adviser, curated by RongRong&inri, Insights into a Time: Japanese Photography Now features four Japanese woman photographers active in the international art scene: Rinko Kawauchi, Mari Katayama,Chikako Yamashiro, and Lieko Shiga.

Each year, the China Pulse section partners with an art academy in China to showcase new forces in Chinese photography. This year’s exhibition, Cartographies of Light: New Photography from the Photography Department of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts is a collaboration with the LuXun Academy of Fine Arts. The show will present works by 16 photographers who are instructors or students in the Photography Department, as well as alumni who are active in the contemporary art world. Artists: Ao Guoxing, Feng Mengjin, He Hao, Li Yuanming, Lin Jianjiao, Liu Dawei, Liu Lihong, Sun Xiaochuan, Wang Ningde, Wang Xining, Wu Ting, Xu Dan, Xue Zhijun, Yan Shi, Yu Xingyue, Zhang Meng.

This section showcases the collection of an important Chinese or Asian photography collector. Body/Desire: Wang Jun’s Photography Collection will present photographic works by 26 international photographers from the collection of Wang Jun.

The special exhibition at this year’s Jimei x Arles was curated to commemorate Robert Frank, the modern photography master who passed away in 2019. It showcases Frank’s original photographs from the collections of CIPA Gallery and artists Huang Qingjun and RongRong, as well as publications featuring Frank’s works from the collection of the Yingshang Photography Book Archive. A selection of works by two generations of Chinese photographers who resonated with Frank’s work will also be exhibited alongside Frank’s masterpieces. Participating artists will include Chen Ronghui, Han Lei, Huang Qingjun, Lu Heng, Luo Dan, Mo Yi, Birdhead, Wang Yishu, Wei Lai, Yao Yao, Zeng Han, Zhou Qiang, and Zhu Hao.

This year will also have the Jimei x Arles Women Photographer Award, the first ever photo award in China dedicated to female photographers. The 2020 nominees are: Feng Mengjin, Li Yuanming, Lin Jianjiao, Sim Chi Yin, Wang Xining, Wu Ting, Xu Dan, Xu Xiaoxiao, Yu Xingyue. Laureates of the past editions include Luo Yang, Pixy Liao and Guo Yingguang, who are both internationally upand- coming since winning the award.

Ten talented Chinese photographers nominated by five curators. The winner of the Jimei x Arles Discovery Award will receive a prize of 100,000 RMB and the opportunity to show their work at Les Rencontres d’Arles in France the following year. The 2020 nominees are Hua Weicheng, Jiang Pengyi, Li Shun, Ma Haijiao, Maleonn, Pu Yingwei, Sim Chi Yin, Sun Ruixiang, Xu Xiaoxiao, and Zhou Yulong. Previous winners of the Jimei x Arles Discovery Award include Yi Lian, Lei Lei, Feng Li, Liu Silin, and Zhu Lanqing.
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