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Edition 2014

Artist Presented by Quentin Bajac

Ilit Azoulay

Functioning as a support and a facade, walls define a place by marking its boundaries, registering what has been accumulated in the spaces they circumscribe. The creation of Azoulay’s large panoramas is preceded by a prolonged process of wandering through urban construction and demolition sites. Each site’s eccentric archive thus presents itself, inevitably displaying its past while simultaneously staging itself anew. Appearing at once both realistic and fictitious, Azoulay’s artificial venues function somewhat like cabinets of curiosities, raising questions about the mechanism of sight and the conditions of perception. Shiraz Grinbaum

Prints by Ofek Aerial, Tel Aviv.
Framing by Amir Azoulay, Tel Aviv.
Exhibition venue: Atelier de Chaudronnerie, Parc des Ateliers.