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Marie Bovo


3 July - 27 August 2017

10.00 AM - 07.30 PM

8 euros


For the photo series Cтансы (Stances) begun in 2016, I work in different trains traveling long distances across Eastern Europe and Russia, with journeys sometimes lasting several days. At each stop, before seeing the landscape, the architecture, or the light that the doors will open upon, I set up the camera in the narrow entryway of the car. Before the doors can close again like a camera shutter, the silver film has made an imprint of the place. The image is the junction between the train and what’s beyond its doors in a stationary cut of several seconds that sketches another Europe. It is a Europe marked by the communist and post communist era, neither taking part in the same history nor the same reality as the rest of the Western world.
Marie Bovo

Exhibition realized with support from kamel mennour gallery, Paris, and OSL gallery, Oslo.
Prints by Cyclope, Paris.
Collage by Atelier Deuxième Œil, Paris.
As part of the Grand Arles Express, Discover Marie Bovo’s other exhibition, The Milky Way at FRAC PACA in Marseille.