Edition 2006


Closed on 17 September 2006
“Angeli’s my longest-standing fellow traveller. I’ve known him since I was seventeen and he was sixteen and we had a shared passion for photography. I was freelancing for the Dalmas agency and he worked in the lab there, developing my films. Some evenings we went to a film in Montparnasse, then to a café where we set the world to rights. He stayed on in Paris, worked with the stars. I was more into foreign politics, so I travelled. He set up his own agency and I started Gamma. I wanted him to be part of my program here in Arles: he was a very important part of my life and you have to be real friends to come through all that together. I consider him a good, a great photographer. He knows how to construct a photo: when he frames he frames well.”
Raymond Depardon
Daniel Angeli discovered photography in a Dalmas Agency lab when he was fifteen. Fascinated by the stars whose images he was drawing out of the dark depths of the vats, he decided to go and see for himself. Camera around his neck, he hit the big events, mee-ting myths like Onassis, Brel and Piaf before setting up his own Agence Angeli in 1967 and becoming a master of the “celeb” photo. Sometimes posed, but often caught on the fly, these were moments whose genuineness could be guaranteed only by their immediacy. Despite the whiff of scandal associated with him, Angeli maintained his journalistic ethics and became a true witness to his time - the real time of the stars. At St-Tropez in summer, Gstaad in winter and thirty-five consecutive Cannes Film Festivals, he built up an understanding with some of his top people. After meeting singer Johnny Hallyday on the slopes at Gstaad in 1996 he became a privileged observer, catching moments that only real empathy could give access to. Now sixty-two, and with his youthful enthusiasm still intact, he continues to turn out those undeniably authentic images.

The exhibition is largely made up of Daniel Angeli’s account, as noted by François Hébel. Directors: Olivier Koechlin and Julien Koechlin, Sound: Julien Koechlin, Executive producer: Le Tambour Qui Parle, Exhibition organised in collaboration with Agence Angeli.

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