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Cristobal Ascencio


At the Edge of Memories
15 ans après la mort de mon père, j’ai appris qu'il avait décidé de mettre fin à ses jours. Je suis devenu obsédé par mes propres souvenirs et par la façon dont cette 15 years after my father's death, it was revealed to me that he decided to take his own life. I became obsessed with my own memories and how this new information affected them. I looked at old family photos and started questioning the images and what I remembered about them. Through randomness and data loss, I aim to represent how these "new" memories might look like.

Cristobal Ascencio (Mexico)
Cristobal is a photographer from Mexico. He currently lives in Madrid where he studies an M.A. in contemporary photography. His work touches on the relationship between memories and images, understanding them both as liquid data.