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Guide for photographers


The Rencontres has exceptionally decided to offer portfolio readings online this year.

The format of private, exactly 20-minute appointments to present your work and discuss it with a professional of your choice will be maintained. This is a rare chance to meet people who have detailed, practical knowledge about the photography world’s realities and to get their feedback. It is therefore important to prepare ahead in order to take full advantage of the meetings.

At the end of PHOTO FOLIO REVIEW week, a winner will be selected whose work will be shown the following year as part of the Rencontres d'Arles official selection.

Before anything else, it ‘s important to ask yourself why you want to take part in the readings. What, exactly, do you want to get out of the experience? Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, being able to answer this question will allow the expert to "situate" your work and adapt his or her comments and critiques (whether positive or negative). But it also allows you to take a refreshing step back from your work in order to accept criticism in the best possible way. It’s also important to know who the experts are so that the discussions are as profitable as possible for you as well as for them!

When you register online, you can choose to meet five or 10 experts. Take the time to find out about them and their fields in order to get as much as possible out of the meetings.
In these exceptional circumstances, the PHOTO FOLIO REVIEW team has opted for online meetings on Zoom.
After registering, you’ll receive detailed information to help you prepare.

Each expert meets six photographers over half a day. Punctuality and ending the appointment exactly on time is therefore absolutely necessary. If a single appointment is delayed, even for a few minutes, it has repercussions on all the others. Each meeting begins and ends at a specific time that cannot be extended (even if you’re late).

Select the series you’ll show the experts. Generally speaking, we advise you to limit them to two or three at most and the number of photographs per series to 20.

Your pictures will be put into a digital file (format and other information will be specified later) to save time during your discussions.
You must be able to introduce your work to the expert and provide the keys needed to read your series. However, be careful not to say too much or to be too rigid about how to view your work! Your pictures speak for themselves: let the expert have the pleasure of discovering them and, above all, of sharing his or her thoughts with you.

Bring something to take notes with: we don't always remember feedback. Plus, it’s very helpful to let a little time go by between the reading itself and rereading your notes: the expert's feedback will probably not have the same impact.
If the expert agrees, you can record your meetings.