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Peter Helles Eriksen


Peter Helles Eriksen was born in 1984 in Aarhus, Denmark. He lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The Copenhagen-based collective behind Phenomena consists of Sara Galbiati, Peter Helles Eriksen, and Tobias Selnaes Markussen. All of them are trained photojournalists from the Danish School of Media and Journalism. In 2012 they founded the creative community Kompleks; individually, they work on projects and assignments for a wide range of major media. For the Phenomena project, the group acted as a collective using a conceptual, subjective and playful approach to documentary.
Fundamental to their work is the conviction that the romanticised ego of the photographer needs to be challenged and dissolved. During the past few years, they have been widely published and exhibited in Denmark, Europe, and Asia. Individually, they have received a number of prizes from Picture of the Year in Denmark and POYi.