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25 - 26 September


25 September - 26 September

Individual financing rate: 390 euros

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Fabrice Courthial & Loïc Colomb
+33(0) 490 967 606

This three-day course primarily targets photographers wishing to take a first step towards publishing or to deepen their approach by experimenting with a dummy book as a new way of perceiving their work.

It will help them understand the purpose of books as well as what they represent today and to create a dummy based on personal photographs taken before the course. This exciting process will start with precise work on a photo series that will be structured and shaped in a particular form: the book.

It will be a matter of patterns, rhythms, choices, relationships, etc. Soon after this step is underway, participants will experiment with and think about layout formats, opportunities and limitations.

A certain consistency between what is told, what is felt and what the book can transcribe will be created. The goal is to create a dummy on layout software, which the instructor will explain how to use.

The course will also cover other indispensable tools as well as examine many publishing ideas and examples, including typeface, binding, publishing companies and self-publishing.

- A selection of your photographs (50 to 120) in digital and paper formats (simple prints that can be handled without any special precautions)
- text, graphics, illustrations, etc. that could be used
- If you wish, a selection of books (1 to 3) you particularly like
- A wide selection of your photographs (app. 300) on a Mac-compatible hard drive or other digital support.

- Presentation of the professional environment specific to publishing a photo book
- Analysis of participants’ previous work
- Selection of a personal series
- Exercises in selecting photographs and developing a photographic point of view
- Creating a dummy book on layout software.