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ARLES 2017



For the third consecutive year, in 2017 the Rencontres de la photographie is offering an award to fund the publication of a dummy book.

Endowed with a €25,000 production budget, the award is open to all photographers and artists using photography who submit a previously unpublished dummy book. Experimental and innovative forms will receive special consideration.

The application deadline is Friday 31 March 2017. An international jury will choose the winner.

The 2017 winner’s dummy book, as well as those of the nominees, will be exhibited this summer during the Rencontres d’Arles.


Katja STUKE & Oliver SIEBER

"You and Me

A project between Bosnia, Germany and the US"

« "You and Me" deals with the history of a Bosnian-born refugee living in Düsseldorf in the 90s before moving to the US., the connection between Bosnia, Germany and the US but also our own context and relation to this past. We didn’t just want to tell a story of the past but shift the perspective to the presence and the future and the connection between the three countries through military, politics, photo-history, music or movies. The dummy includes more than 150 images organized in 22 chapters reflecting the different aspects of the series, and 5 other chapters including researchmaterial, background-information, some short stories and a text by Aleksandar Hemon. »

« "You and Me, A project between Bosnia, Germany and the US" by Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber is a deep and complex body of work about displacement, the Balkan Wars, migration, identity, Germany, USA, religion, and more. But yet, it is also the story of a woman, and her life guides us through all this major, urgent topics. The dummy book is ambitious, extremely well structured, compelling and moving. It has all the ingredients to be their masterpiece. »

Elisa Medde (FOAM), jury member


Mathieu Asselin

"Monsanto: a Photograpic Investigation"

« For the past 4 years I have traveled the USA and Vietnam photographing the social and ecological consequences of the reckless history of the Monsanto Corporation, through a series of portraits, landscapes, memorabilia, image appropriation and documents gathering from diverse sources as well as video. »

« Mathieu Asselin with his "Monsanto: a Photographic Investigation has put together a very strong and mature body of work. A topic of great importance investigated with method, and a story told with beautiful photography and a strong and multi-layered editorial approach. All wrapped up in a very solid book object, that can easily be imagined as a great exhibition. Bravo. »

Elisa Medde (FOAM), jury member


We have received for this second edition 300 photobooks from 37 countries.

The selected 25 projects for the LUMA Dummy Book Award Arles 2016 are:

Coline AMOS- Dihvin Idylle

Mathieu ASSELIN - Monsanto: a photographic investigation

BRODBECK & DE BARBUAT - In search of eternity

Lewis BUSH- Shadows of the state

Gaël CLARIANA - Les chasses de Gaël Clariana

Hannah DARABI - Haut Bas Fragile

Benoît FOUGEIROL - Zus

Sébastien GIRARD – Starring


Miho KAJIOKA - I, Tralfamadorian

Yannis KARPOUZIS - Parallel crisis

Isabelle LE MINH - La dioptrique des cartes de visite

Jaeuk LEE - New town

Justyna MIELNIKIEWICZ - A Ukraine runs through it

Juan MILLAS - A grove of trees from a point of view


Atsuko MURANO ABALOS – Beachcombing With John


Hiroshi OKAMOTO - Recruit

Miyuki OKUYAMA - Dear Japanese

Claudius SCHULZE - State of Nature

Oliver/Katja SIEBER/STUKE - YOU AND ME, A project between Bosnia, Germany and the US

Alnis STAKLE - Melancholic Road

Kris VERVAEKE - House full of gold

Lijie ZHANG - Midnight Tweedle

The jury was composed of :

Maja HOFFMANN - founder & director LUMA Foundation, France

Luce LEBART – independant curator, head of collections at Société Française de Photographie, Paris, France

Elisa MEDDE – FOAM managing editor, Amsterdam

Sam STOURDZE - director Les Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles, France

The LUMA Foundation is the exclusive partner of this award.