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Jean-Christian BOURCART

Showing the world with sensitivity : freedom and photographic tricks

From 8 to 13 July 2013


Taking participants through the creation of a personal series, Jean-Christian Bourcart's workshop will make the issue of the private sphere and freedom the focus of its thinking and experiments.

As creativity often involves questions of freedom, the workshop is going to identify and transcend its own limits, opening up a fresh photographic space in terms of both subject and treatment.

The camera will be used here as a marvellous tool enabling a deeper knowledge of oneself and the world that does not exclude the emotions.

Naturally this approach will generate questions which will trigger individual responses and give participants greater confidence in themselves and their own methods.

Where is the boundary between legitimate collection of information about the real world and a voracious curiosity that feeds intimately off others?

And what freedom does the photographer sometimes deprive himself of through preconceptions and self-set limitations?

The alternation between photo sessions and study of the resultant photographs will help each participant to hone his project and rethink his relationship with his subjects; at the same time he will be testing out new ways of working and weighing up their relevance to his original intentions.

This ongoing exploration will also throw light on the complex relationship between photography and reality, as well as on the interplay between ethics and aesthetics.

Jean-Christian Bourcart's workshop will also include analysis of the work of other photographers, in a range from traditional, photojournalism-inflected approaches to those of contemporary artists. As a footnote he will look into some of the photographic codes at work in the era of Facebook and Chatroulette.

Jean-Christian Bourcart :

After studying at the ETPA photography and multimedia school in Toulouse, Jean-Christian Bourcart joined the Rapho Agency in 1990, specialising in portraits and more intimist subjects.

Among his prizes are the World Press Photo Award in 1991 and the Jeu de Paume prize in 2007. His work has been acquired by MoMA in New York, the National Contemporary Art Collection (FNAC) and the Maison Européenne de Photography in France, and MAMCO in Geneva. He is represented by galerie VU' in Paris and the Andrea Meislin Gallery in new York.


Workshop content :

- Introduction to photography as a profession

- One-to-one interview and definition of a photographic project

- Analysis of the participant’s earlier work and assessment of his/her level

- Daily photography sessions

- Individual and group analysis of the previous day’s work

- Selection of photos with a view to creating a series

- Discussion of possible outlets

- One-to-one final interview

Bring :

- Photographs, portfolio, press book, etc., indicative of your level.

- Film and/or digital cameras: note that given the processing times required, view cameras and black and white film are excluded. Film is not provided.

- Participants working with digital material can bring a memory stick, external hard drive and/or a laptop computer for storing their images.

Price and registration :

Online payement or by cheques


Fabrice Courthial & Loïc Colomb


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